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To bring inspiration and encouragement to every entrepreneur in the world through our one stop exclusive mentoring platform that ensures maximum startup success ratio through its vast mentoring offers.


Connect the budding and aspiring entrepreneurs to a vast pool of mentors and guides from various industries that are just a click away.


To deliver a one stop solution for all startup related mentoring and guidance across all facets of operations & management, ensuring that the Startups enjoy success and overcome hurdles in their journey with comprehensive support of the larger ecosystem.

About GVFL

Founded in the year 1990, GVFL Limited is regarded as one of pioneers of Venture Capital in India. It has carved a niche for itself by making marquee investments in early stage companies across sectors through various funds. In an endeavour to back the first generation entrepreneurs, GVFL has launched 'GVFL Startup Fund'. The fund focuses on highly scalable, innovative business models, across, sectors, which use technology as an enabler or differentiator and are backed by credible teams.

About CrAdLE

Launched on 2nd December 2016, Centre for Advancing and Launching Enterprises (CrAdLE) is a technology business incubator with multiple focus areas into manufacturing, healthcare, renewable energy and food/agri business. Catalysed and supported by National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, CrAdLE has been catering to more than 25 Startups and the numbers are rising. The incubator offers the Startups to access a range of services including workspace, technical support, networking and fund raising opportunities as well.

What we do?

As amazing as it sounds, being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. Building a company is hard, especially when you have no prior experience, limited resources and almost no external support. The only thing that makes you going is your gut feeling and a belief that you can do great things but that’s not enough. This is when Mentorgateway comes to the rescue.

Mentorgateway acts as a bridging gap between the aspiring entrepreneurs and the mentors and experts from different industries aimed towards supporting the Startups at every aspect of their entrepreneurial journey through guidance and support on various business decisions.

CrAdLE (Centre for Advancing and Launching Enterprises), the incubator at EDII, Gandhinagar joined hands with GVFL(Gujarat Venture Finance Limited) to give birth to an advanced online mentoring platform especially for the next-gen aspiring entrepreneurs.

Why is mentoring important?

“A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.”— George Patton

There’s a huge difference between setting up a business venture and running it successfully over years. No matter how great the idea is or the product but if is not executed in the right way, might fail. Mentors and industry experts have been there and done all that you are struggling with. From ideation stage to execution to prototyping and a market ready product, they know the minute details of what needs to be done and when. They have been in your dream place for years and they know what you lack.

Some of the benefits that you will get from mentorship are:

  • Gain from their experience
  • Probability to succeed increases
  • Widen your network and increase opportunities
  • Develop all the technical and managerial skills
  • Constant assurance that you are in the right path
  • Ensure your business stays longer
  • Equip better skills in dealing with customers or vendors
  • Constant encouragement to do better even during the worse times
  • Improvise on numbers and help make a better business plan that would ensure getting funds
  • Look through the mentor’s perspective and develop a successful business model

About Us

Innovation is defined as the ability to view an idea as an opportunity towards building better solutions that meet new requirements in the existing market needs. Experimentations, trials and research are much needed steps to convert this idea into a scalable opportunity.
Mentorgateway is a platform focused towards fostering growth in the aspiring entrepreneurs through guidance delivered by experienced mentors from different sectors in the ecosystem to convert their ideas into successful Startups.

Mentorgateway has come up with a five stage process which covers all the crucial steps of a Mentoring.

Our Mentors

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Startups can now connect to mentors from diversified industry sectors from all over the world.


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